Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Corina Stiles, I am 21 years old and I have recently transferred out of  Université de Moncton. I have a passion for children and a passion for teaching. Anyone you ask will tell you that I was born to teach. I started dance lessons at the age of 5 and since the 11th grade I have been teaching my own courses. I have taugh ballet, jazz and modern. I am now the Ballet Mistress at PMDS and I teach all levels of Ballet from age 7 to 19. On top of teaching dance, I also tutor on the side. I tutor one student in grade 3 immersion with autism, two students in grade 4 immersion and one student in grade 9 in mathematics. I do this because I love teach and I like to explore and use the techniques I have been given thus far during my studies. During the summer of 2015, I worked at the Autism Resource Center as a summer camp counsellor. I chose to work here because I knew it would be extremely beneficial for my future. I am well aware of the challenges that I will face as a teacher and I wanted to gain as much exposure and knowledge about the Autism spectrum. There, I met many wonderful children who brightened my day. I even got the opportunity to start volunteering through the Respite Care Center with one of the children I met at this camp! My dream is to teach and I am particularly interested in those with special needs. Though my journey at Université de Moncton is over, my journey at Crandall University is just beginning.


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  1. I saw this from Toronto! Yes, I sent a message to Fidelis Law in Dieppe. A class action is in store. Even if they did it on a contingency fee. The university is likely to settle. They wouldn’t want this to go to trial in the public view.


  2. The experiences you’ve shared are a great example of the language inequality that exists within New Brunswick despite its claim as the only bilingual province in Canada. I am not ashamed to say I “used to live there” because it means I can avoid the shame of being a current citizen when injustices like this are brought upon the next generation of educators. I hope your future at Crandall fares better than your past experiences with New Brunswick universities.


  3. I have already been accepted to Crandall and only a year and a half of my credits are transferable. I was taking didactic courses which are very hard to transfer over because they are specific to the university.


  4. First of all, I am so sorry this happened to you. It really disappoints me that my former university were not able to offer you the help, the time and the resources you needed to be able to successfully pass that test. Were you able to take the test 3 times at least ? We had 3 chances when I was there..

    As a francophone, who studied at Universite de Moncton, and graduated from the Education Program, I saw some of my friends struggle and be kicked out of the program because of that test. I used to be a tutor at the French Center, and I had trouble to pass that test. Mainly one task, the one that asks us to identify the mistakes that we say orally. Most of those ”errors” are ”chiac”, and I’m from Bathurst, where we don’t use many of those slangs, anglicism (is that a word in english, i’m still learning). Bref, I never felt as though our classes prepared us for that kind of tests. I had to learn the answers by heart, and hope it would be on the test.
    Now, back to the French Center. I am not familiar with all the resources at UdeM, but since you were in the Programme Pont, they never offered any kind of tutoring ? To be a tutor in the French Center, you need to have a B+ average I believe in all of your french classes. Then, you get to do an extra class where tutoring is part of your assignment. If you do a good job, you may be illegible for a scholarship to be a ”paid” tutor the following semester.

    I saw gifted educators having to find another dream job, because they didn’t get the 76% passing mark. I was one of the lucky ones for whom it wasn’t mandatory. I went through the process because they told me I wouldn’t have to take back the language test when I would apply for jobs. Well that’s not true. I had to write a test for the District 5 in Northen NB. Since, I moved to Quebec to do a masters degree, and was told that I would have to take the test again.

    I’m sorry that UdeM lost what seems to be a great student and an amazing future teacher. They aren’t able to look at the bigger picture, and they should really take the time to review each cases individually. Good luck at Crandall !


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