Your Negativity Won’t Get Me Down

12717784_10154506251965744_7723492314952037239_nI never believed my story would get this much attention. I find writing to be therapeutic, and so I started to write. I know that with every news story comes negative comments and I’d like to address some of the things that have been said to me.

First off, I believe I should tell you a bit more about myself. I have always been a very hard working and ambitious student. On top of that, I am a perfectionist and due to that, I make sure that everything I do is never anything less than 110%. I’ve always had a passion for teaching and a passion for children – I believe they are what makes the world a better place. Their innocence and unique sense of humour never cease to make my day.
I have taught dance lessons to children and teens of all ages since the 11th grade and have worked up the chain and now hold the title of Ballet Mistress at my current studio. I have been tutoring students for the past year and I absolutely love being able to practice the skills I have learned. I worked at the Autism Resource Centre in the summer as a Camp Counselor in order to better prepare myself for my future career as I know I will meet many beautiful students with all different kinds of needs. Most recently, I am volunteering with the Respite Care Centre and have been paired up with one of the children I met during summer camp.
I have always excelled and succeeded in everything I have done. I am a gold medalist Dance World Cup ballerina. I never failed anything in school and almost never got a mark in the 70s- I was always an 80+ student. I have always excelled in language arts, both French and English. I believe myself to be a strong writer in both languages and enjoy learning each and every day. You can ask anyone and they will tell you that if I could, I would go to school forever.
Lastly, I suffer from mental illness. Just one week before writing my first attempt at the language competency test, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Since then, I have shared my story as well as my battle with mental illness with friends and family. I did not share my story for attention, but rather to let others know they are not alone and to help end the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Though difficult, I decided to share my deepest secret that I kept hidden for five years with the public, in hopes that I could help just one person!
For the people telling me that I am incompetent, illiterate and unintelligent : you are wrong. I am none of those things. A year ago, I would have left myself believe your comments but I am much stronger now and I know my worth.
For those saying I should have known there would be challenges: I did know and I worked my butt off. I graduated high school with a certificate indicating I was officially bilingual due to the fact that I passed my oral proficiency test in high school. On a side note, oral French and written French are far from the same.
For those of you saying I am a whiny princess just looking for attention: you are wrong. I am a strong young woman looking to change the system for the better so that the students to come after me will have more success in this program and not be faced with the same difficulties and struggles that I am currently facing.
For those of you saying this is a French vs English battle: that is far from the point I am trying to get across. This is just a test, a test that needs a lot more validation and fidelity. We are taught many principles in our program about teaching and giving tests, and from what I have learned, there is some work to be done here.
For those of you saying that I clearly did not look into my program before applying : that is negative. If you go on the university’s website and go under the section for future students and look into the education program , there is no mention of this test and you have to dig to find it.
For those of you saying that I did not seek enough outside help and clearly did not study: you are wrong as well. For one I should not have to seek to pay a tutor outside of the university if these ressources are supposed to be provided to me. On the other hand, I have worked two to three jobs during each semester of my studies on top of taking 6-7 courses each semester. I put myself through university and paid cash every time and in order to do that, I had to work. There was little time left over considering the education classes are project-based with exams. Put working three jobs, taking 6 courses, studying for exams and doing 3-4 projects at once and you are left with little spare time. During my spare time I did study for this and even had my FRANCOPHONE boyfriend help me study when we were spending time together. Lastly, this is not a regular test where you go to class for a semester, learn the material and take a final exam. It is just a test given to us.
So please, before you tell me that I am unintelligent, illiterate and incompetent, get to know me a little more.

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