More Misunderstandings

It has been a week since I found out I would no longer be able to continue my dream of obtaining a Bachelor’s of Education at Université de Moncton. Since then, my story has gained a lot of publicity, something I never thought would happen, but I am glad that it did. It is now opening a new can of worms: the French Immersion program severely needs to be revised and the validity of the TCLF needs some work as well. However, during the past week, there have been a lot of misunderstandings which I would like to address.

First off, yes, I do understand that any test with a 100% success rate is invalid (I have studied education for the past year and last semester, I learned about the ethics of making and giving a test, quiz, exam,etc…). Now, if the success rate in the first two years was 100%, that should have immediately raised red flags for the University, that test must have been too easy (ergo, invalid).

Now if we look at this years rates, they have plummeted from a 100% success rate to a 75% success rate. If we look at the third attempt of the third year students this school year, there was a  47.4% failure rate. If that does not raise a red flag then I am not sure what does…

No I do not believe that everyone should pass because it seems highly unlikely, however I do believe that less students should be failing. On top of that, there were French tutors taking this test who did not pass, but who are qualified to tutor French to the students on campus.

I also believe that our country needs competent teachers. However, I do not believe that competency and success can be justifiably measured by a test. There is never a good opportunity to write a test. There will always be at least one person facing some sort of hidden struggle. These struggles can be anywhere from test anxiety, a recent family member falling ill, a family pet passing away, finding out a long awaited diagnosis, or even just a restless sleep.

We are constantly growing and learning. I believe that we never actually stop learning. I myself, find that I learn something new everyday and I especially learn from the amazing children I tutor and work with in the summer months. If we are constantly learning, why is our intelligence only measured during the span of a year?




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